Our industrial solutions based on control, monitoring and automate systems, our IT entreprise business solutions based on ERPs like IFS and Oracle Fusion and our Outsourcing and Operations service enable us to integrate processes and technology in Industrial stratus, Corporate business and Operations and Maintenance Services.

Process Control and
Supervision Engineering
Design and implementation of Telecontrol and Intelligent Supervision Systems.
Industrial processes automation and integration, real-time systems, distributed control and network communications.
Control and regulation of power generation (electrical substations control, transformation centers and renewable energies) with different SCADA systems, PLCs and HMI solutions with extensive experience with the main suppliers of the market.
Remote control, monitoring and maintenance of renewable energy infrastructures (solar fields, hydroelectric power plants, …).
Design and production of ad-hoc electronics using international standards IEC101, IEC104, IEC61850 and DNP3.
Remote control systems adaptation in hydraulic infrastructures.
Data acquisition of water quality control.
Production Control and Security.
Control and regulation of power generation in hydraulic power plants.
Implantation of meteorological stations, rain gauges.
Smart Cities
Incidents and affections management systems implementation for Public Transport Services.
Integrated security solutions for urban transport.
Multimodal mobility management systems and tools (information distribution module, decision & support tools, journey assistant, real-time multimodal urban navigator, graphic management tool).
Design, implementation and integration of Intermodal transport services from different public transport operators and traffic information data sources.
Real-Time systems monitoring.
Passenger information and video entertainment systems for high speed trains and tram-trains.
Urban mobility web portal, content management systems (CMS) and Real-Time transport information widgets.
Sustainable mobility and services solutions (Mobility as a Service).
Mobile apps (journey assistant, bus request on demand, contactless transport card, augmented reality, QR and NFC systems, payment gateways integration).
Tourism and leisure systems.
Incidents information systems, complaints and suggestions.
Energy efficiency services and intelligent management facilities.
Infrastructure Management
and Maintenance
BMS (Building Management System) solutions design and implementation in large infrastructures and public buildings.
SCADA based solutions for Energy, HVAC, lightning and electromechanics control and supervision in multiple types of facilities allowing their integral management and automation.
Services Operation and Maintenance Levels (public transport interchanges, public parking) with User Service Center providing 24/7 support model.
CCTV solutions design and integration, public address and people counting systems.
Intelligent electronic sensors integration for environmental control, energy security and gas detection, access control to restricted areas and perimeter security.
Enterprise Assets Knowledge Management and Maintenance Systems (Prisma, Maximo, GIM).
Variable Messages Signs (VMS) for traffic management and road equipment monitoring.
Dynamic traffic management systems (DTMS) and platform allocation for public transport.
Detection of incidents and emergency protocols application based on Decision and Orchestration Engines (BPMN) and Early Warning Systems.
Shadow toll systems and traffic control systems (ITS) for highways.
SCADA systems implementation and integration for motorways and tunnels safety and control.
Road maintenance, planning and management System.
Information Technology
IT Strategy and Business Consulting (IT Master Plans and Start-Up IT implementation, Digital and Relational Marketing for Retail & Consumer Goods).
Analysis and benchmarking of Enterprise Management Applications (ERP, PPM, HCM, CRM/CX, SCM, EPM,BI).
Customer Cloud Journey: Analysis of adoption models of Cloud, On-premise or Hybrid solutions.
Business Process reengineering and Functional GAP Analysis.
Standardization and Business Process Modeling (BPM).
IT Governance.
Comprehensive lifecycle management, development and implementation of the most appropriate IT solution architecture to achieve maximum efficiency in terms of time, price, quality and operation of the solution or service.
Enterprise Applications Integration & Implementation (ERP, CRM, HCM, SCM, Business Intelligence, BPM, Data Management).
Customization & Personalization (web, mobile apps, etc.).
Upgrade safe development of Cloud & Hybrid solutions.
Heterogeneous Enterprise Systems integration, combining different integration platforms like Microsoft Biztalk and Oracle SOA Suite.
Design & Performance of Proofs of Concept (PoCs).
Analysis and improvement of critical financials processes with no room for failure, like: MEC, QC, YEC, reporting to Stock Market and forecasting processes.
Migration and data management strategies.
IT Support and maintenance.

Control, Supervisión y Automatización de procesos Industriales

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Ingeniería de control
y supervisión
Diseño e implantación de Sistemas de Telecontrol y Supervisión inteligente.
Automatización e integración de procesos industriales, sistemas en tiempo real, control distribuido y redes de comunicaciones.
Control y regulación de generación energética (subestaciones eléctricas, centros de transformación y energías renovables) con diferentes soluciones SCADA, PLCs y HMI de diferentes fabricantes del mercado.
Servicios de monitorización y mantenimiento de infraestructuras de energías renovables de manera remota (parques fotovoltaicos).
Diseño y producción de electrónica a medida aplicando los estándares internacionales IEC101, IEC104, IEC61850 y DNP3.
Gestión y Mantenimiento de Activos Geo – Documental.
Adecuación y homogeneización de sistemas de control y telemando en cuencas hidrográficas y centrales hidroeléctricas.
Adquisición y comunicación de datos de control de calidad del agua en grandes cuencas.
Control de Producción y Seguridad.
Control y Regulación de Generación en centrales hidráulicas.
Implantación de estaciones meteorológicas, pluviómetros y aforos.
Enterprise Business Solutions
ICCA’s IFS Practice provides an entire suite of services and solutions based on the IFS modules, functionalities and integration capabilities in order to guarantee to our clients the best approach and deployment of the business solution based on the IFS best practices.
"IFS Cloud is a single platform that combines the capabilities of all the vendor's products, replacing its ERP product portfolio.
  • One of the key qualities of IFS Cloud is choice and flexibility. The IFS Solution is designed to run in public cloud but can also be deployed on premises, in a private datacenter, or in private cloud. Regardless of the deployment model , customers have the same full spectrum of functionalities.
  • IFS Cloud comprises functionalities that use embedded artificial intelligence and automation and which support specific use cases to deliver business value.
  • IFS pays close attention in customer experience and help customers over their entire transformation journeys".
Source: IDC Market Note "IFS Cloud: A New Value Proposition from IFS"

LYNQ MES extends ICCA’s portfolio of solutions in order to provide comprehensive manufacturing functionality to digitalize and drive factory performance.
LYNQ’s MES (Manufacturing Execution System) integrates with IFS ERP to provide visual planning and scheduling as well as comprehensive manual and automatic data collection and analysis from employees and machines to enable manufacturing companies to maximize efficiency, productivity and profitability.

  • LYNQ is reinventing manufacturing execution system (MES) software.
  • Configurable, intelligent and quick to deploy, LYNQ helps manufacturers around the world thrive in today’s competitive market.
  • LYNQ technology drives continuous improvement with plug and play manufacturing operations management software, that is easy to work with and enjoyable to use.
  • Designed, developed and deployed to a high standard for a fraction of the typical cost, LYNQ MES accelerates digital transformation and automation initiatives to achieve delivery, quality and financial goals.
Technological Solutions
Industrial Solutions
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